More and more people are discovering the benefits of solar energy. Renewable power sources are not only cleaner and cheaper to operate, but they also offer numerous benefits to our environment. 
Solar power is reliable, safe, pollution-free and noise free. There are mechanically no moving parts, which in turn means low failure rates and low maintenance costs.
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We have been installing and repairing solar power networks and solar hot water systems for many years. Deciding on which solar system is right for you can be confusing. Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start, and it can be a sizeable investment. We are here to help.

Our electrical engineers do the job right the first time

No matter what your solar needs are, be they in solar panels, inverters, solar hot water systems, off-grid solar systems or home energy storage, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the right system at the right price.

We are licenced solar installers. We have more than two hundred and fifty electricians based in the suburbs of Brisbane. In fact, if you call, we can have someone at your door within the hour. Make sure you are making the best decisions for your solar power needs by calling one of our friendly teams now. We are here to help.

Solar panels and inverters

We are proud to exclusively supply and install CMA Solar Panels and power systems in homes and businesses throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. CMA is an Australian company with more than a decade’s worth of experience in the solar power industry. CMA is known for their high-quality solar panels due to uncompromising manufacturing standards. They aim to be the leading supplier of superior solar solutions in the Australian market.

With more than thirty years of experience in alternate energy sources, we know the importance of solar panels that will stand the test of time and the harsh Australian environment. Of course, all of our solar power systems are installed and maintained by fully licensed electricians and solar installers.

Top solar questions:

Will my solar power system be grid connected?
The vast majority of solar panels in Australia are connected to the grid. In metropolitan regions (like Brisbane), a grid-connected system is the most popular option, as most people want to feed excess power back into the grid. However, you will save more money if you use all your power rather than sending it to the grid. We will advise and assist you with your solar setup and grid connectivity.
Do solar panels work on overcast days?
They most certainly do. Solar panels create power from ambient light. The sun does not need to be shining for this process to occur. For example, Melbourne is known for having many overcast days, yet solar panels work well in the region.
How many solar panels will I need?
The number of solar panels you will need for your home or business depends on a few factors. First, what is your budget? You can only buy as many panels as your budget will allow. Second, how much electricity do you typically use? When making these calculations, we look at the peak output for your system (i.e. how much energy will your panels create on a perfectly sunny day). Combining these factors will create the formula for your solar energy needs.
With more than thirty years of experience, we have the expertise to design a solarpower system that creates the power you need within your budget.
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Features of CMA solar hot water systems
  • Split tank collector system
  • Up to 40% improvement over flat plate collectors
  • Superior corrosion resistant tank
  • Choose from 250l or 400l tanks with reliable all-season performance
  • Rebates available (subject to government provisions)
solar hot water system
We are your local leaders for solar hot water systems in Brisbane. Whatever your solar hot water needs our, our team of more than two hundred and fifty licensed electricians can put the expertise and experience they have to work servicing your hot water needs. We supply and install new solar hot water systems, replace old hot water systems, as well as service and repair all major brands of solar water heaters.

New solar hot water systems

Are you building a new home and would like to install a new solar hot water system? On the other hand, maybe you would like to save money on expensive power bills by having a new low-energy solar hot water system installed as opposed to your current gas or electrical system. Logan City Electrical exclusively installs the current range of quality, reliable CMA solar hot water panels and tanks.

We carry equipment to heat hot water the solar way

CMA solar hot water heaters are designed specifically for businesses and homes who want reliable hot water heated by solar energy. They use a smart controller attached to a pump that circulates water through the solar collector and the attached hot water tank. The solar collector would be installed on your roof, while the pump and tank can be installed either inside or outside your building. The copper pipes that run between each component are covered in a special high-temperature resistant insulation specifically designed for solar water heating.

Solar hot water repairs

We have more than thirty years of experience dealing with alternative power sources such as solar power. We service all major brands of solar hot water systems. We also provide a genuine 24/7 emergency service for all electrical emergencies.
24/7 service
solar hot water pump
With more than two hundred and fifty electricians based throughout the Brisbane suburbs, we can have someone at your door within the hour. Our mobile repair workshops are fully equipped to deal with almost any problem you may be experiencing, either with your hot water or with other electrical systems. All of our work is guaranteed.
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