We know rewiring your home can seem like a difficult project. Logan City Electrical has more than thirty years of experience in installing electrical wiring for new and existing homes in Brisbane. 

We can make the complex 
seem easy.
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Our team of accredited master electricians will first take the time to understand your needs. We will then design and install a new electrical wiring system that will provide you with many years of reliable service.

Our accredited professionals can rewire your entire property

Old, defective wiring is dangerous for you and your family. It can also cause expensive damage to your electrical appliances (e.g. fridges and televisions). Nothing is more annoying than an electrical safety switch that keeps tripping due to defective wiring.
If your house has old rubber insulated wiring, it is highly likely that some of the rubber has cracked or broken away leaving the electrical wiring exposed. Now is the right time to ask one of our experienced team members to inspect your home’s wiring. We will provide you with a competitive price for a complete rewire. We have more than two hundred and fifty electricians based in and around Brisbane. We can be there fast! Call now.

What is the price for rewiring my home?

There are several factors to consider when working out the price to rewire your home:
1. The size of your house
Copper wiring is not particularly cheap. If you have a larger home, then more wiring will be necessary. This will affect the cost. However, the major part of any wiring project is labour.
2. Access
If your house has multiple levels, then the labour for your wiring job may cost more. If our electricians have easy access to all parts of your home, then they will be able to complete your job faster, which will save you money.
3. Number of electrical points
If you have many light switches, light fixtures and power points or a higher than a normal number of large appliances, then your rewiring project will require a larger investment.

Detailed electrical wiring quote

When you call our team of licenced master electricians, we will visit you onsite to inspect your existing wiring and provide you with friendly advice on the most cost-effective options for you. No matter whom you call for a wiring quote, it is essential that you receive a detailed pricing proposal outlining materials and hours of work provided. Make sure that you are dealing only with registered licenced electricians. We offer competitive prices, and we guarantee all of our work. We have electricians based in the suburbs throughout Brisbane. Call now for a free detailed quote!
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