Having an automated system for your business is smart because it can save you time and money. 
The systems we provide give you control over several key areas of your facility including heating, lighting and security.

Everything is set up and controlled from your phone. That means you can switch lights on only when you need them, and the same thing goes for any other system on your property.

You can automate your whole property with our equipment

Our specially trained electricians work with Clipsal C-Bus management systems to help you save time and money by allowing you to control your property’s lighting from anywhere via your mobile device.

We use only high-quality products on our repairs and installs

We use the Clipsal DALIcontrol lighting system in many of our customers’ businesses to help them save time and money. This lighting control system uses the latest technology that allows you to control when and how your lights are used. You will not need to worry about whether or not you are losing money by using lights inefficiently.

We carry the best name brand parts for installs and repairs

The Phillips Dynalite lighting control system has been tried and tested around the world. This popular option can save you time and money when it comes to managing and controlling your lighting system. This system works in residential, commercial and industrial spaces as well as many others. The application is extremely versatile.

All of our products are made to measure

We work with the Tridonic switchDIM lighting system to save you time and money. This unique option is perfect for anyone who wants to manage their lighting system in a simple yet effective way. The technology works by registering how long the switches are pressed. A short press will turn lights on or off while a longer 
press will dim lights.

Every member of our team is specially trained

Home automation has become increasingly popular over the past several years. This is because of its time and money saving benefits. A home automation system enables you to have more control over systems such as heating, lighting and security. So, instead of having these systems running constantly, a home automation system allows you to only use them when you need them.
an example of how home automation is integrated in brisbane south
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Give us a call today to learn more about our unique systems. We will come evaluate your property and recommend one of our home automation systems based on your specific circumstances and needs. Do not wait another day. 
Get started with a smarter home now.
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We customise our products for your property

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