24/7 Emergencies


One-hour response time

We offer a comprehensive range of emergency electrical services for both homes and businessesWith more than 250 licensed master electricians based throughout the Brisbane suburbs, we can be there within the hour. Our goal is to provide you with the fastest response time for all emergency electrical work.
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The power only seems to go out at inconvenient times and we can understand how frustrating that can be to deal with. That is why we offer a genuine 24 hour, seven days a week emergency electrical service to handle electrical problems whenever they happen.

Our mobile electrical workshops are equipped with the most common parts required to complete most emergency electrical jobs. With more than 30 years of experience in fixing electrical faults, we have the knowledge and expertise to get and keep the power flowing fast.

After-hours emergency service for your convenience

All types of electrical emergencies

Have you lost power? Maybe your air conditioning is blowing hot air in the middle of summer or your hot water tank just blew. Has your commercial refrigeration stopped working? No problem. We take care of urgent electrical repairs on almost anything you own including, but not limited to, refrigeration breakdowns, hot water systems, home and commercial air conditioning, electrical wiring, safety switches, data networks and more. Whatever the nature of your electrical emergency is, we can be there in one hour. Call now and get it fixed fast.

Home electrical emergencies

Is your home suddenly in total darkness? Were you in the middle of cooking dinner or having a shower? Whenever you lose power, we are standing by to return your power to normal. Our team of experienced electrical faultfinders will help you get your power back on fast any time of the day or night.

Do not sit there in the darkness and hope that the problem will simply go away by itself. Often, electrical issues that are not resolved quickly can lead to further serious faults including damage to your appliances, electrical shock or potentially a fire hazard. Do not take the chance. Call us now!
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& industrial emergencies

When you are running an industrial operation, time is money. Anytime the power goes out, you are not only losing valuable time, you are losing money. We understand that many industrial processes continue on a twenty-four-hour basis, which is why we offer a twenty-four-hour emergency electrical service.
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Do not waste more time using a company that does not possess the proper skills, knowledge and equipment. We can be there in under an hour and have the problem fixed in no time at all. We even offer a maintenance service to keep problems like this from happening in the future.
With a large office block or spread-out warehouse, locating the source of an electrical fault can be timely and costly. Our licensed emergency electricians are well trained and experienced in finding and fixing faults quickly and easily. So, whenever you encounter a problem, give us a call day or night. We will have someone over there before you know it.
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